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You are viewing documentation for CNI version: v1.0

CNI v1.0 documentation is no longer actively maintained. The version you are currently viewing is a static snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest release, v1.1, or the current documentation.

win-overlay plugin



With win-overlay plugin, all containers (on the same host) are plugged into an Overlay network based on VXLAN encapsulation.

Example configuration

	"name": "mynet",
	"type": "win-overlay",
	"ipMasq": true,
	"endpointMacPrefix": "0E-2A",
	"ipam": {
		"type": "host-local",
		"subnet": ""
    "loopbackDSR": true,
    "capabilites": {
        "dns": true

Network configuration reference

  • name (string, required): the name of the network.
  • type (string, required): “win-overlay”.
  • ipMasq (bool, optional): the inverse of $FLANNEL_IPMASQ, setup NAT for the hnsNetwork subnet.
  • dns (dictionary, optional): dns config to be used.
  • Nameservers (list, optional): list of strings to be used for dns nameservers.
  • Search (list, optional): list of stings to be used for dns search.
  • endpointMacPrefix (string, optional): set to the MAC prefix configured for Flannel.
  • Policies (list, optional): List of hns policies to be used.
  • ipam (dictionary, required): IPAM configuration to be used for this network.
  • loopbackDSR (bool, optional): If true, will add a policy to allow the interface to support loopback direct server return.
  • capabilities (dictionary, optional): runtime capabilities to be parsed and injected by runtime.
  • dns (boolean, optional): If true, will take the dns config supplied by the runtime and override other settings.