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tap plugin



The tap plugin creates a tap device inside the container namespace.

Note: Due to a fault in the golang’s netlink library which does not allow to create ownerless/groupless tap devices, the plugin will use the ‘ip’ tool to create the tap device when owner/group is not specified.

Example network configuration

	"name": "mynet",
	"cniVersion": "0.3.1",
	"type": "tap",
	"mac": "00:11:22:33:44:55",
	"mtu": 1500,
	"selinuxcontext": "system_u:system_r:container_t:s0",
	"multiQueue": true,
	"owner": 0,
	"group": 0,
  "bridge": "br1"

Network configuration reference

  • name (string, required): the name of the network
  • type (string, required): “tap”
  • mac (string, optional): request a specific MAC address for the interface
  • mtu (integer, optional): explicitly set MTU to the specified value. Defaults to value chosen by the kernel.
  • selinuxcontext (string, optional): for systems with the selinux security module enabled, the context under which to creat the tap device
  • multiQueue (boolean, optional): enable multiqueue
  • owner (integer, optional): user owning the tap device
  • group (integer, optional): group owning the tap device
  • bridge (string, optional): set the tap device as a port of an already existing bridge