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CNI Governance

This document defines project governance for the project.


The CNI project employs “organization voting” to ensure no single organization can dominate the project.

Individuals not associated with or employed by a company or organization are allowed one organization vote. Each company or organization (regardless of the number of maintainers associated with or employed by that company/organization) receives one organization vote.

In other words, if two maintainers are employed by Company X, two by Company Y, two by Company Z, and one maintainer is an un-affiliated individual, a total of four “organization votes” are possible; one for X, one for Y, one for Z, and one for the un-affiliated individual.

Any maintainer from an organization may cast the vote for that organization.

For formal votes, a specific statement of what is being voted on should be added to the relevant github issue or PR, and a link to that issue or PR added to the maintainers meeting agenda document. Maintainers should indicate their yes/no vote on that issue or PR, and after a suitable period of time, the votes will be tallied and the outcome noted.

Changes in Maintainership

New maintainers are proposed by an existing maintainer and are elected by a 2/3 majority organization vote.

Maintainers can be removed by a 2/3 majority organization vote.

Approving PRs

Non-specification-related PRs may be merged after receiving at least two organization votes.

Changes to the CNI Specification also follow the normal PR approval process (eg, 2 organization votes), but any maintainer can request that the approval require a 2/3 majority organization vote.

Github Project Administration

Maintainers will be added to the containernetworking GitHub organization and added to the GitHub cni-maintainers team, and made a GitHub maintainer of that team.

After 6 months a maintainer will be made an “owner” of the GitHub organization.

Changes in Governance

All changes in Governance require a 2/3 majority organization vote.

Other Changes

Unless specified above, all other changes to the project require a 2/3 majority organization vote. Additionally, any maintainer may request that any change require a 2/3 majority organization vote.